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Album: Folie à deux

  • Album: Folie à deux
  • Artist: Fall Out Boy
  • Release Date:

  • Album Tracks:

Folie à Deux is the fifth studio album by American pop group Fall Out Boy. The album, which is the follow-up to their 2007 album Infinity on High, was released on December 13, 2008. Background On August 25, 2008, Decaydance Records released a mixtape titled Welcome to the New Administration on Pete Wentz's viral campaign, Citizens For Our Betterment. The mixtape contained several snippets of new Fall Out Boy tracks, however none of the tracks were confirmed for Folie à Deux. The mixtape included the tracks "ALPHAdog and OMEGAlomaniac", "Lake Effect Kid", "Catch Me if You Can/Proclamation of Emaciation" (featuring Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes), and "America's Sweethearts". Pete Wentz was also quoted on his blog stating that "all songs that aren't snippets, most likely won't be on the next album including 'Catch Me if You Can/Proclamation of Emaciation'." However, "Catch Me if You Can" was featured on Gym Class Heroes' The Quilt. Wentz stated that Fall Out Boy fell in love with the track, so they remixed it, and re-wrote the chorus. On September 13, 2008, on the band's website, the album cover artwork was revealed, with Luke Chueh credited as the designer. Chueh claimed the band was great to work with and gave him full creative control. "Folie à Deux" is a French term which translates to "a madness shared by two", referring to the psychotic disorder. Though the album was originally set for a November 4, 2008 release, Fall Out Boy later announced on October 13, 2008, that the early November was in doubt, citing concerns over the planned election day tie-in, stating: Six months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day but this is not the election to be cute. We felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election. This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick. It is now in the hands of our label to give us a new release date. It is our intent to get our record out this year and as soon as possible -- as we made sure to have it done in time for its original release. The band's initial statement was later corrected, stating that album's new release date is scheduled for December 16, 2008. On the Friends or Enemies website, Fall Out Boy posted a list of the songs which would appear on the album. The "Friends or Enemies" post conflicts earlier reports by MTV News which included songs tentatively titled "Never Believe" and "Does Your Husband Know?". Guests Collaborations include tracks with Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Panic at the Disco, and Debbie Harry from Blondie. Fall Out Boy has also announced that Elvis Costello has recorded with acts from Decaydance. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.