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Album: Where I'm Coming From

This album came out in 1971 and was not only the first album Stevie Wonder had creative control over, but one of the first Motown albums that can be considered a true album. Meaning there were no album fillers using left over tracks. The songs on this album were intended for this album exclusively. Most Motown albums to this point were meant to help push the hit single the artist currently had, then they either used older unused songs, or they recorded covers of other current hits of that time to complete the album. Stevie collaberated with his new wife Syreeta Wright on the writing of this album as well. They had collaberated prior to to this album, but this was the first album that they truely collaberated on a complete L.P. The album was a commercial failure, but did include the hit single "If You Really Love Me". This is the last Stevie Wonder album to include members of the great "Funk Brothers", the amazing Motown staff band including Bob Babbit on bass. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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